Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Two stand-alone articles by Frank Lehrbass and Valentin Weinhold on Russian risk-taking and by J. Paul Dunne and Ron P. Smith on the top-100 firms in the global arms industry are followed by a three-article symposium on Greece and Turkey. The first of these, by Eftychia Nikolaidou, examines the role of military expenditure and arms imports in the Greek debt crisis; the second, by Christos Kollias, Suzanna-Maria Paleologou, and Andreas Stergiou, looks at the economic constraints on Greek military expenditure; and the third, by Gulden Ayman and Gulay Gunluk-Senesen, explores Turkey's security policies and expenditures during the reign of the AKP party.

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A rationalist explanation of Russian risk-taking PDF
Frank Lehrbass, Valentin Weinhold
The evolution of concentration in the arms market PDF
J. Paul Dunne, Ron P Smith
The role of military expenditure and arms imports in the Greek debt crisis PDF
Eftychia Nikolaidou
Military expenditure in Greece: Security challenges and economic constraints PDF
Christos Kollias, Suzanna-Maria Paleologou, Andreas Stergiou
Turkey’s changing security perceptions and expenditures in the 2000s: Substitutes or complements? PDF
Gulden Ayman, Gülay Günlük-Şenesen